7 Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Pavan Kumar
April 22, 2024

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According to SparkTo, 63.41% of all US web traffic referrals come from Google. Partnering with an expert SEO agency can help you build your business. But, finding a company that provides effective and inexpensive SEO services can be challenging. If you are searching for a good SEO company in the US, we are here for you. In this article, we have listed 7 best SEO companies for small businesses. We will tell you how to find the best company for you that will help your site rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

7 Top SEO Agencies Offering Affordable Small Business SEO

1. Gushwork

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Gushwork offers an innovative approach to SEO marketing by combining the strengths of AI technology with human expertise. Although Google's algorithm constantly evolves, using AI properly can ensure organic growth for your website. The company promises to provide a 600% increase in impressions, a 200% increase in traffic, and a 100% increase in organic sales. From Technical SEO to Local SEO and Off-Page SEO, Gushwork provides end-to-end management to make websites Google-friendly and increase search engine rankings.

For more insight into your SEO game and how you can enrich it further, conduct an SEO audit using this helpful guide.

Their services include keyword research, content generation, backlink building, and more. Get informative and human review content to provide true value to your audience. It will help you rank higher on the Google page. The company offers different affordable packages starting at $699/month. They deliver outstanding results that drive business growth. The benefits of mastering SEO ensures more online visibility, brighter brand presence, happier customers, and thriving business growth.

Check out Gushwork’s pricing plans here! They have tailored packages which suit a myriad of needs and you can start making your marketing visions come to life.


● They provide advanced AI-powered SEO services with human expertise.

● Get tailored SEO solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals effectively.

● Affordable service packages

● Customer support

● Expert SEO team

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2. On The Map Marketing

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses
On The Map Marketing

On The Map Marketing has helped small businesses grow for over ten years. They are good at comprehensive SEO which includes content, links, technical SEO, and website design. They help companies in some of the most competitive niches, like personal injury law firms in big cities, get more free traffic and leads through search

engine optimization. They can look at your site and give you "low-hanging" growth tips for free as part of a marketing audit. This will help your site do better in SERPs.


● They work with their clients like an educational advising firm. Feel free to ask the account manager about your SEO strategy.

● Keep an eye on your local search ranks and ensure customers have a good experience.

● Help you with PPC and website design as you grow with us.

● Has been shown to work in some of the country's most competitive metro areas.

3. Ignite Visibility

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses
Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a marketing company based on return on investment (ROI). They have many services to help your business website reach the top of Google. A digital marketing forecasting method called "Certainty" reviews your website. They will use the results to help them figure out how to make your website do better in Google search. The first package they offer costs $2,000 a month. But they can change what you get to fit your SEO goals.


● They go above and beyond to help clients with their SEO. For example, to make their WordPress site run faster, they change tools on their site.

● The staff is friendly and easy to work with, which makes things go smoothly.

4. The SEO Works

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses
The SEO Works

Their sole purpose is to help clients improve their online exposure through digital marketing. The agency will make a plan for your business using the three leading SEO practices: "content generation, links, and technical optimizations." This starts with its SEO services. Based on keyword ranks and organic traffic, the account manager will send you monthly reports on how well the SEO plan works. The company's SEO experts

have worked with clients in many fields, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and more. It also works with businesses of all sizes; its contact page says the rates it takes are between £1,000 and £20,000 or more.


● They try to understand your business, which helps them give you SEO tips to help your marketing and sales.

● Account managers who are professionals talk to clients about SEO in a way that is easy to understand.

5. SEO.com

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

SEO.com is the company to go to for SEO services that get results. This US company has been around for 12 years because they follow "Google E.A.T best practices." Its "white hat" strategies help its clients get more pure traffic and keep them from getting penalized by search engines.

The company also gives each client a unique SEO plan made by professionals who look at both your site and your rivals' sites. Last, you can go to its reports dashboard to see the campaigns it ran for your site. Its contact form lets you ask about its local, national, and business SEO services, which cost between $500 and $3,500.


● Before making SEO suggestions, they take the time to learn about your business and goods.

● Approach to client SEO that is very clear and professional.

6. Mainstreethost

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Mainstreethost wants to make digital marketing and SEO easy and flexible for its clients. The company has SEO packages that mean your website has a solid base to rank better on Google. It follows its "10 steps to SEO success," which include setting goals, keeping track of your progress, and making changes to your approach. For as little as $99 a month, the company will help you make a low-risk growth plan for your business. Prices go up to $999 monthly for full-service packages and custom options. All fees are charged once a year.


● They have the best experts in SEO

● The business also offers specialized services, such as technical, e-commerce, and local SEO.

7. Outerbox

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Outerbox has been helping clients make more money with their digital marketing since 2004. They do this by using data to guide their decisions. The company focuses its SEO services on e-commerce systems like Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. Based on the information gathered, its SEO experts will plan and carry out tried-and-true tactics for your site.

Once the campaign is over, Outerbox gives you a live report of the SEO tasks that have been done and those that are still to be done. In this way, you can see which strategies worked and what the agency is doing to help you improve the organic results of your online store more quickly. Its support team will also set up monthly calls with you to review the report and discuss how the agency is doing with your site.


● They are very professional, and help their customers get to the top of Google.

● The way you organize things and talk to people is great.


We hope you will find the list of 7 best SEO companies for small businesses. No matter what business their clients are in, they will help increase your organic traffic. They have also gotten a lot of good reviews from customers on G2, Trustpilot, and other sites.

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